Vin Garde Wine Fridges

Vin Garde is the new pup on the block when it comes to wine coolers wine cabinets and wine fridges but they appear to have the pedigree behind them to become a top dog

The company behind Vin Garde – Wine Storage Solutions Ltd have been involved in the wine storage industry since 2005, have sold numerous Wine Cabinets over the years and have put all of their knowledge in to creating what they thin is the best wine fridge on the market for the money.

Many of todays wine fridges don’t take into consideration the difference in size between Bordeaux and Burgundy with their shelving configurations where as this has been meticulously thought about with Vin Garde.

The full glass door option on the Vin Garde Wine Fridge is often described as stunning by those who see it and the Seamless Stainless steel framed glass door version has been even more popular than expected

The £1540 price tag on the 160 bottle capacity Pommard Dual Temperature wine fridge has taken people by surprise with people saying they see very little difference in the quality compared to far more expensive brands.

It’s not just the cabinets that people are talking about though – the 2 man delivery and set up service is proving very popular as can be witnessed by reading the Wine Fridge Reviews

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Vin Garde Wine Fridges