Edwardian style swinging sofas

garden swing sofa fit for a prince

I’ve said it before my world is different to most peoples.

In my world we lounge around in swinging sofas all day dreaming of a bygone era.

In my world fairs are run by jolly old souls, ruddy faced, smartly dressed characters who greet you with a smile, commiserate when you lose, wink at the kids and give them a nice free gift.

In my world men open doors for ladies and ladies appreciate it.

In my world people leave their cars at home and go out on family rides with picnics including freshly made rounds of sandwiches, sponge cakes, custard tarts and ginger beer.

In my world publicans are friendly, locals are friendly, and great banter is shared with all.

In my world we visit granny once a week, curl up in front of an open fire and share a musty old feather quilt laid out on the floor.

In my world Mrs. B still runs the corner shop in her old apron with rows of boiled sweets to chose from.

And last, but not least, in my world, down at the bottom of granny’s garden is an Edwardian style swinging sofa that you can slump in and dream your life away.

Come and join me in my world – Odd Swinging Sofas

Swinging Garden Sofa Fit for a Prince Garden Swing Seat

Edwardian style Swinging sofas and garden swing seat

Odd Swinging Sofas and Swinging Garden Seats