Smooth edged house plaques

A newly built house can often seem cold and impersonal when a couple or family first move in. For this reason many seek ways to personalise the house in order to transform the modern house into a cosy family home. There is no better way to do this than by creating a personalised house plaque which can reflect the ideas of the family and aptly illustrate their personality. Through a combination of text and illustration a modern house plaque can add a touch of personalisation to a modern family home while also being functional and practical.

The material used in the creation of smooth edged house plaques is polished slate which allows for a great depth of detail in both text and illustration. The material provides a more contemporary appearance when compared to other finishes such as natural slate, rendering it more appropriate for a modern family home. However, such a plaque could also be used upon a historic home where traditional and contemporary images are blended. Whatever the property, smooth edged house plaques offer a striking contemporary centrepiece for any home which will stand the test of time and be bold in appearance for many years to come.

The applications for smooth edged house plaques do not end there however. Such plaques can be used on business premises to create a contemporary and professional initial impression of the company. These plaques could be used upon a dedicated business building, or perhaps more appropriately upon the building of a small business which is operated from a private dwelling. The bold image of smooth edged house plaques along with a striking font is sure to create a modern and forward looking representation of any small business. Moreover, this image will not fade or deteriorate over time.

house signs

Whether used for business purposes or upon a private dwelling, house signs or plaques have a high degree of versatility which lends itself to individual customisation. Homeowners or companies may choose from a range of font sizes and styles which can be tailored to the client’s exact requirements. Moreover, the text produced for the plaque can be accompanied by an illustration. In the case of a small business this may include the emblem of the company. In the case of a private dwelling this may include a small illustration for decorative purposes which can transform the overall image of the plaque.

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