Part M: access and facilities for disabled people

Current UK Building regulations are slightly different with regard Dwellings and other building, these recommendations are for “Buildings Other Than Dwellings”.

A wheelchair ramp will comply with Part M if it;

Has a non-slip surface. Is 1.5m wide with a minimum unobstructed width of 1.5m. Has a maximum individual flight of 10m and maximum gradients of 1:20 if longer than 5m, 1:15 if longer than 2m or 1:12 if shorter than 2m. Has top and bottom landings no less than 1.2m and intermediate Landings of 1.8m every 10m. Has 100mm high raised kerbs to any open side of ramp or landings Has a continuous suitable handrail on each side. (see Part M Access to buildings other than dwellings » for guidance on full requirements.

Part M: access and facilities for disabled people is available from The Stationary Office for £13.00, or a free down loadable version in pdf format is available from The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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