No nonsense search engine friendly websites without using WordPress

When I started building website I built little 5 or 6 page static websites in HTML and CSS.

As time went by I started building these same little 5 or 6 page websites using WordPress.

The main reason for using Worpress was it made things simpler to edit and update and the reason I wanted them to be easier to edit and update was so that I could hand them over to other people when they were finished.

Problem is, despite lots of instructions I still found a lot of people didn’t touch the sites after they were finished and if they did want anything changing they still came back to me to do it.

With this in mind I decided to dump WordPress and just revert back to creating basic, simple, search engine friendly static websites.

The advantages of Static sites over WordPress sites

No need to install it

No need to have a database

No constantly having to monitor and update WordPress

Easier to have an online backup which can be instantly uploaded

No faffing with widgets, plugins and other stuff that just makes webmasters lazy

Far easier to do what you want

No need to use up your disc space with multiple copies of images

Just as search engine friendly

The disadvantages of static sites over WordPress sites

Have to start my FTP software every now and then

Going back to static sites

It was a tough choice, but after weighing up the pros and cons of using WordPress I’ve decided to revert back to creating static sites again and provide some Simple Website Design Packages specifically devised for micro businesses and small local businesses.

See some basic examples:
Woodworm Solutions Ltd – A simple 8 page site for a local woodworm treatment specialist.

Warwickshire Handyman – A basic site for a Warwickshire Handyman which has expanded with the inclusion of extra pages.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps – Demo homepage of a simple 5 page mini site which compliments the main site at

Ready Assembled Beehives – Demo homepage of a simple 5 page mini site

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