V1 Sites provide a number of small mini sites packages that are ideal for SEO’s and online marketers to use when optimising for niche terms, individual products, local services, etc.

These Mini Site packages start of from FREE and for those who haven’t got the time to set the sites up but require full hosting control and Admin rights so you can expand later we have a Platinum package which is usually £249.00 but only £149.00 to established SEO’s who know the score.

With the free package we host a small 5 page mini site for you but retain full ownership and control at all times, think of this as being like a hosted WordPress blog or squidoo lens, but built and optimised for you by a professional SEO willing to work hand in hand with other SEO’s

We charge more for the silver and gold packages as these domains are registered in your own names, effectively meaning you can walk away with a well optimised mini site at any time, host it yourself and cut us out of equation.

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