I want to buy a car not f*****g finance

It’s not often I swear when blogging, but the experience I had when going to buy a car from a main dealer got my hackles up.

I went in as a cash buyer looking for a low mileage, 6 month old, preferably ex-demo, used car for about £10,000.00 ($16,000.00)

After spending an hour or so having a good look around and going out on a test drive I had an idea of the model I wanted and we found an ideal one at another branch about about 40 miles away, no problem the sales man said, they could get it delivered the next day for me to try out.

That’s when the fun started, the head man came over and started talking finance and trying to push a brand new car on me. I said I wasn’t interested in brand new, as a 4 month old car with less than 2,000 miles on the clock was nearly £4k cheaper and I was perfectly happy with a 4 month old car.

After that he tried to sell me finance on the used car, saying it was a really good deal.

I pointed out I was a cash buyer and not interested in finance to which he almost sneered a lot of the clients in this area were potential cash buyers but finance was still better for them.

Hello, I thought how could finance at 7.9% apr over 3 years possibly be better than paying cash outright when interest rates on the cash inthe bank is less than 0.05% ?

He still kept pushing it, his statement that the finance was very good was probably true, it was very good for him (earning extra commission) put crap for me.

He eventually gave up and left me with the original sales guy.

We sat down to talk figures, went out the back to talk to someone else first, came back with new figures, and that £10,000 car I was looking at was now £11,000.00.

Having given up on selling me the finance, they were now trying to sell me the protection pack! special paint protection, mats and a couple of other extras at £500.00 and were also trying to sell me an extended warranty at another £500.00

This pissed me off even more, I told the guy I had come in with  £10,000 to buy a car, I hadn’t come in to buy fucking finance, extended warranties, a better paint job etc. so take those fucking extras off and give me a price for the car.

He went back out the back again, came back with the price which was the same as the screen price, I then told him, he should think again there was no way I was going to pay anywhere near screen price unless he gave me a bloody good trade in price on my car.

He went of again and came back with a price of £3,000.00 for my car meaning the deal they wanted was £7,000 and my car as trade in.

Had I not felt a bit sorry for the young sales guy I was dealing with I would have walked out there and then, but instead I gave them a chance, saying you must be mistaken, the book price on my car is £4,500 and the screen price on your car is at least a £1000 heavy so said the price should be closer to £4,500 plus my car (giving myself a bit of leway as I was prepared to pay £5,000

He went of again and came back with a price of £6,000 (£1000 saving) but I told him he was still way to high, he imediatly dropped to £5,800 but as they had pissed me off so much by now I couldn’t be bothered to deal anymore, stood up, said you’ve wasted my time and walked out leaving him stood there with a weird look on his face.

Had they just tried to sell me the car and not pissed me off tring to sell finance and extras we would probably have done the deal there and then, but instead I walked out, went to a dealer down the road the next day and got an equally nice car £1200 cheaper and great service from someone who knew I was there to buy a car.

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