The Importance of knowing how to rank higher in Google

For a decade now Google has been the most prominent search engine used by people when searching for products, services and information on the Internet.

This is even more so in the UK than any other country as a recent report revealed that over 90% of UK searches were made via Google rather than other search engines.

The early adapters saw this happening and constructed their websites in Google friendly ways knowing that if you rank higher in Google you immediately gain a benefit over other websites that don’t rank as high.

This soon led to a whole new industry being created called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) who’se primary purpose was to concentrate on building websites that were optimised in a way that they would rank higher.

The Importance of High Google Rankings

We all know now the importance of high Google rankings but it wasn’t really until 2004 that the importance started to become mainstream, partly helped by the now infamous changes Google made to their search algorithm commonly known in the search industry as The Florida Update.

Although Google were constantly making small changes and updates to their  search algorithm The Florida Update was different to all that had come before, resulting in wide-scale changes to rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) which attracted a far wider media attention.

Now that the importance of higher Google rankings had become more newsworthy more and more small business owners became aware creating a boom in the search industry which to this day sees no abatement.

Who to trust to rank higher in Google

So, with search being such a big industry now and so many so called search engine optimisation specialists jumping on the bandwagon, just how does the small business owner know how to rank higher in Google without being hoodwinked by theses new search engine optimisation companies who effectively just know the basics and how do they know the difference between competent, average, incompetent and plain and simple scam companies?

In my opinion one of the best ways of knowing which search engine optimisation companies to use is to first know yourself the fundamentals of how to rank higher in Google.

By this I don’t mean you spend the months researching, the hours each week testing and put in the time needed gain the years of knowledge and networking required to become a good search engine optimisation specialist.

What I mean is, you learn the basics and fundamental requirements needed to rank higher in Google so you can make a calculated decision of who (or who not) to use when appointing a Search engine optimisation specialist to help you rank higher in Google

Where you can learn the basics of how to rank higher in Google

If you would like friendly advice on the basics of ranking higher in Google without the risk of being exploited and taken for a ride please visit V1 SEO or contact me on 01608 685039 or at

I like to think I provide honest, good advice which will set you on the right road to higher Google rankings even if you don’t use any other services I provide.


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