New Advertising Opportunity for Tradesmen

New Advertising Opportunity for Tradesmen There are a few things I like to see on tradesmen’s websites; phone number, location, areas covered, about page and a photo of the tradesman stood next to his van. Nothing more reassuring than seeing what the tradesman looks/dresses like and seeing what van he drives before having him around… Read More

No nonsense search engine friendly websites

No nonsense search engine friendly websites without using WordPress When I started building website I built little 5 or 6 page static websites in HTML and CSS. As time went by I started building these same little 5 or 6 page websites using WordPress. The main reason for using Worpress was it made things simpler… Read More

Mobile Friendly Website Template

We are now using a Mobile Friendly Template for our wheelchair ramps site

Marketing Experts Stratford-upon-Avon Join is a website set up for local Business Consultants, Marketing Experts, SEO Experts, etc. to use in a way that is beneficial to all. It is for those with a You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours philosophy and those who have the mindset that working together is better than working alone. Come… Read More

Google Penguin Update

Roast Penguin This Google Penguin Update recipe comes from Google Penguin. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook time: 2 hour Yield: 1 Roast Penguin with Mixed Vegetable Nutrition facts: 400 calories, 180 grams fat Ingredients: – 1 Penguin – Mixed vegetables Instructions: Put Penguin in oven Cook Penguin until fully cooked Cook some vegetables at the… Read More

See How Many Google Plus Ones a Website Has Received

With Google+ and the Google +1 button attracting more debate as to whether they will effect organic listings in the SERPs, V1 SEO have updated their Google +1 Checking Tool to make it more user friendly, easier on the eye and quicker to use. As more people appear to be wanting to know how many google… Read More

Top 10 SEO Tips and Top 10 SEM Tips

I’m quite often asked for my top 10 SEO Tips or Top 10 SEM Tips so have listed some of these below. They are not necessarily in order of importance, but are hopefully laid out in a way that make sense. Competitor Analysis – Before even trying to rank high in Google you should first… Read More

Beyond last click: Understanding your consumers online path to purchase

Beyond last click: Understanding your consumers online path to purchase Google has just released a whitepaper in conjunction with Nielsen called; Beyond last click: Understanding your consumers’ online path to purchase The study looks at consumers paths to purchase and pays particular attention to research time, how people research and how they use search engines… Read More