Vin Garde Wine Fridges

Vin Garde Wine Fridges Vin Garde is the new pup on the block when it comes to wine coolers wine cabinets and wine fridges but they appear to have the pedigree behind them to become a top dog The company behind Vin Garde – Wine Storage Solutions Ltd have been involved in the wine storage… Read More

100 plus bottle wine cabinets

100 Plus Bottle Wine Cabinets Wine Storage Solutions Ltd provide a range of 100 bottle capacity wine cabinets that are no larger than the standard upright fridge freezers found in the home These free standing wine cabinets are the ideal solution for storing wine at home when space restrictions rule out traditional wine cellars or… Read More

Home and Garden Articles

Home and Garden Articles Post your Home and Garden Articles here – Home and Garden Articles

How Lime for Stonemasonry Building Work Is Made

How Lime for Stonemasonry Building Work Is Made Here at StonemasonsGlasgow.Com, we always use lime mortar on all the stonework we work with. Despite their being lots of modern alternatives such as cement, the fact is there is no better mortar for stone than lime. Unlike cement, lime mortar let’s buildings and their stonework breathe,… Read More

Moved Website now moved location.

Access Appraisals Ltd. Honington Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire CV36 5AB 01608 663759 The wheelchair ramps section of Access Appraisals Ltd. is now operating from our new offices in Honington.

Smooth edged house plaques

Smooth edged house plaques A newly built house can often seem cold and impersonal when a couple or family first move in. For this reason many seek ways to personalise the house in order to transform the modern house into a cosy family home. There is no better way to do this than by creating… Read More

Swinging Garden Sofa Fit for a Prince Garden Swing Seat

Edwardian style swinging sofas I’ve said it before my world is different to most peoples. In my world we lounge around in swinging sofas all day dreaming of a bygone era. In my world fairs are run by jolly old souls, ruddy faced, smartly dressed characters who greet you with a smile, commiserate when you… Read More

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Part M: access and facilities for disabled people Current UK Building regulations are slightly different with regard Dwellings and other building, these recommendations are for “Buildings Other Than Dwellings”. A wheelchair ramp will comply with Part M if it; Has a non-slip surface. Is 1.5m wide with a minimum unobstructed width of 1.5m. Has a… Read More

Nice images create nice websites SW Beehives for sale

Nice Images Create Nice Websites I downloaded some nice images from iStock this evening to jazz up my Beehives for sale site. It’s just another little WordPress site which was just put together in a few hours, but I decided to spend a bit more time on it than usual and add a couple of photos…. Read More