The 1st Step to a Gold Medal at Tokyo 2020

Continuous switching between BBC channels during BBC Olympic coverage puts me in a prime position for a Gold medal at Tokyo 2020 for the TV Remote Control Handling event. I would personally like to thank the BBC for the position I am in at the moment. After watching the BBC coverage of the Rio Olympics… Read More

How Lime for Stonemasonry Building Work Is Made

How Lime for Stonemasonry Building Work Is Made Here at StonemasonsGlasgow.Com, we always use lime mortar on all the stonework we work with. Despite their being lots of modern alternatives such as cement, the fact is there is no better mortar for stone than lime. Unlike cement, lime mortar let’s buildings and their stonework breathe,… Read More

Roast Google Panda Recipe

Roast Panda A recipe by Terry Simmonds hand crafted on August 16, 2012 This Roast Panda recipe requires 1 Google Panda and a basket of mixed vegetables. Prep Time:15 minutes Cook time:2 hour Yield: 1 Roast Panda with Mixed Vegetables Nutrition facts: 400 calories, 180 grams fat Ingredients: – 1 Panda – Mixed vegetables Instructions:… Read More