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Nicola Lester-Pearson Hypnotherapist Warwickshire

Nicola Lester-Pearson Hypnotherapist I am a hypnotherapist and an EMDR specialist. I have had extensive experience in life coaching working with people with Autism and those who have suffered from life long illnesses and coping with a range of disabilities. I have a lot of experience in hypnotherapy working mainly with people who want to… Read More

Top 10 Dropshipping Tips

Top 10 Dropshipping Tips Dropshipping or Drop Shipping is a technique used more and more by online retailers who don’t have bricks and morter outlets or storage space for keeping stock. The product supplied by the retailer is often delivered direct to the customer from the manufacturer or distribution company, but the contract and all… Read More

UK Clown Sightings on Google Maps

Map of Clown Sightings UK UK Clown Sightings on Google Maps Found this great map that lists clown sightings in the UK – Map of Clown Sightings UK If you spot any clowns in the UK please add them to the Clown Sightings Map

Midlands Stairlift Suppliers

Midlands Stairlift Suppliers The Stairlifts section on has been very neglected recently. It’s another one of those little projects that I started but then never got around to sorting out properly I’ve decided to work through it on a regional basis starting with The Midlands Once I have all the Midlands county pages set… Read More

New Advertising Opportunity for Tradesmen

New Advertising Opportunity for Tradesmen There are a few things I like to see on tradesmen’s websites; phone number, location, areas covered, about page and a photo of the tradesman stood next to his van. Nothing more reassuring than seeing what the tradesman looks/dresses like and seeing what van he drives before having him around… Read More

No nonsense search engine friendly websites

No nonsense search engine friendly websites without using WordPress When I started building website I built little 5 or 6 page static websites in HTML and CSS. As time went by I started building these same little 5 or 6 page websites using WordPress. The main reason for using Worpress was it made things simpler… Read More

How Lime for Stonemasonry Building Work Is Made

How Lime for Stonemasonry Building Work Is Made Here at StonemasonsGlasgow.Com, we always use lime mortar on all the stonework we work with. Despite their being lots of modern alternatives such as cement, the fact is there is no better mortar for stone than lime. Unlike cement, lime mortar let’s buildings and their stonework breathe,… Read More

Google Penguin Update

Roast Penguin This Google Penguin Update recipe comes from Google Penguin. Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook time: 2 hour Yield: 1 Roast Penguin with Mixed Vegetable Nutrition facts: 400 calories, 180 grams fat Ingredients: – 1 Penguin – Mixed vegetables Instructions: Put Penguin in oven Cook Penguin until fully cooked Cook some vegetables at the… Read More

Business Networking Forum

The UK Small Business Directory have just launched a new Business Networking Forum to allow the directory members to interact with the directory and other members of the directory. The forum is divided in to seperate sections so that people can introduce themselves and their business, provide suggestions for how to improve directory listings, provide suggestions… Read More