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Nicola Lester-Pearson Hypnotherapist Warwickshire

Nicola Lester-Pearson Hypnotherapist I am a hypnotherapist and an EMDR specialist. I have had extensive experience in life coaching working with people with Autism and those who have suffered from life long illnesses and coping with a range of disabilities. I have a lot of experience in hypnotherapy working mainly with people who want to… Read More

UK Clown Sightings on Google Maps

Map of Clown Sightings UK UK Clown Sightings on Google Maps Found this great map that lists clown sightings in the UK – Map of Clown Sightings UK If you spot any clowns in the UK please add them to the Clown Sightings Map

The 1st Step to a Gold Medal at Tokyo 2020

Continuous switching between BBC channels during BBC Olympic coverage puts me in a prime position for a Gold medal at Tokyo 2020 for the TV Remote Control Handling event. I would personally like to thank the BBC for the position I am in at the moment. After watching the BBC coverage of the Rio Olympics… Read More

Melton Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch and the 2011 Riots

Melton Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch and the 2011 Riots I don’t know the history of Neighbourhood Watch but seem to remember it being quite popular just after the riots in the 1980’s Will the 2011 riots see an increase in popularity of Neighbourhood Watch? The Melton Mowbray Neighbourhood Watch branch hope so, and are using facebook and… Read More