No nonsense search engine friendly websites

No nonsense search engine friendly websites without using WordPress When I started building website I built little 5 or 6 page static websites in HTML and CSS. As time went by I started building these same little 5 or 6 page websites using WordPress. The main reason for using Worpress was it made things simpler… Read More

Mobile Friendly Website Template

We are now using a Mobile Friendly Template for our wheelchair ramps site

Google Author Rank Checker

Google Author Rank Checker A new Author Rank Checker which estimates a persons Author Rank has been released. To find your Author Rank you just copy your 21 digit Google+ Profile ID number in to the input box and the Author Rank Checker runs a complex calculation that estimates your Author Rank With Google Authorship,… Read More

Social Engineering and SEO

If you think SEO is  a 9 – 5 job then you really should think again. SEO is like Social Engineering and to get the full benefit you need to have the right mentality. Many people today think SEO is all about outsourcing, link building, article writing, guest blogging, forum commenting, etc. There is far more… Read More

What to do when Google stops crawling your website

It’s been nearly a fortnight now since Google crawled the homepage of sim64 and that is despite the 2 blogs on the site being crawled daily. It’s one of those things that happens now and then and can be quite annoying, especially if you have recently changed the content. What I tend to do when… Read More

Jump links to another site showing in Google

How to get jump links showing in Google V1 SEO Jump Link tips used for displaying Jump Links in the SERPs Jump links or jump to links have been appearing in the Google results pages for some time now, these jump link tips shows you how to obtain them in your results. Contents What are… Read More

The Heating Engineer Who Came In From The Cold

Some tradesmen moan about the costs of advertising in the paper directories – but still do it. Some tradesmen moan about the pressure to list in trade directories – but still do it. Some tradesmen say social networking is a complete waste of time and effort – And spend hours chatting to their mates on… Read More

Free SEO Advice with Questions and Answers

We have started a Free SEO Advice section over on which provides some basic SEO advice, provides a questions and answers facility, and allows any SEO experts to post their favourite SEO tips that they don’t mind sharing. The main idea of the SEO advice section is that it educates small business owners, allows… Read More

How to Rank Higher in Google

The Importance of knowing how to rank higher in Google For a decade now Google has been the most prominent search engine used by people when searching for products, services and information on the Internet. This is even more so in the UK than any other country as a recent report revealed that over 90%… Read More

What effect will the Google Panda update have on SEO

It’s been over 2 months now since the Google Panda update was rolled out across the UK and other English speaking counties outside the USA. We are also hearing talk about Panda 2 and a lot of experienced SEO’s are saying that Google Panda is constantly being fine tuned at the moment resulting in fluctuations in… Read More

Mini Sites for SEO

V1 Sites provide a number of small mini sites packages that are ideal for SEO’s and online marketers to use when optimising for niche terms, individual products, local services, etc. These Mini Site packages start of from FREE and for those who haven’t got the time to set the sites up but require full hosting… Read More

Article Sites that are good for search engine optimisation

This page provides a list of Search Engine Friendly Article Sites which allow writers to embed text links within the articles they write. If you have know of a search engine friendly article site that you would like to see included in this list please comment below.

Does writing articles help SEO

Over recent years a lot has been said about writing articles for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes. This has led to a many people who don’t really know what they are doing, writing articles, spinning articles, copying articles and publishing articles as quickly as possible all around the web. Many people just take shortcuts by spinning… Read More